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We just love ice cream!

A passion for delicious things has always been the beating heart for our family. Growing up in a Mennonite community, our mother and her siblings relied on homegrown, homemade meals. These traditions and flavors became a standard with our friends and communities. Our families were able to serve others as we passed our dishes around the dinner table, and what was a part of our every day turned into a beautiful opportunity. Our food truck *literally* gave us a vehicle to spread the love and respect food deserved. We hear it every day we're out- "That was the best doughnut/pretzel I've ever had!" And we started to dream of more than just doughnuts and soft pretzels and bigger than the four walls of our truck.

So we took a giant leap. We knew we wanted to begin our adventure in ice cream and found the perfect spot to do it well! We officially made an offer on the building you now know as The Creamery in April of 2020. Yes. THAT 2020. Little did we know the chaos and heartache that would ensue that year. Our own mother worked a three-month contract in NYC and again in Buffalo, NY as an ICU nurse during the worst of the pandemic. It wasn't until almost a year later that the process was complete and the former McLemore Florist Shop, a mainstay in the South Knoxville landscape, was finally ours. We couldn't have imagined the trials we would face over the next year, with setback after setback pushing our dream further away. But slowly our vision began to come to life. And our faith gave us the resilience and fortitude to push forward. Staci, our Sugar Queen extraordinaire, worked tirelessly crossing our T's and dotting our I's. She took the lead answering thousands of emails, check lists, phone calls, and ensuring we had everything we needed to build a business- all while managing her two littles at home! And although he isn't "technically" a Sugar Queen, our father was a fundamental part of the team as he worked for MONTHS AND MONTHS at the shop, and we truly couldn't have done any of it without him. Here we are, finally standing within a place of our own, and so thankful to be part of the South Knoxville community!

The Creamery specializes in small-batch, homemade, hand dipped ice cream. Why ice cream? From as long as I can remember, our family would find an ice cream shop wherever we traveled. We ALWAYS tried the Vanilla, because if you can't do Vanilla right we didn't waste our time on the rest! And we have always loved the challenge of taking something delicious and making it even better. We aim to make the very best of the classic flavors you grew up with while tempting your palate with our own original combinations. We also hope to create a space for community. A place where friends meet to catch up. For families to take a little adventure for a sweet treat. And a place that becomes a longstanding part of the South Knox community. So we ask you to stop on by and let us give you a break from your every day. We hope that you'll leave every time with a smile on your face and a full belly. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your support so far. We love you and can't wait to grow old together!

-Suvilla, Lauri, Staci, and Allie

The Sugar Queens



It's what's on the inside that counts!

Everything we do is homemade- from our ice creams to our brownies to our delicious pretzels and dips! 

 This philosophy gives us a product that cannot be replicated and often leaves guests wanting more. We have focused on creating food that infuses our mother's traditional background with a modern twist. Our mission is to create the best ice cream and soft pretzels you've ever tasted. And we do that by using the best ingredients and techniques we know possible to give you a delicious, homemade product. Our treats speak for themselves and we hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy the process!

The greater Knoxville community has supported us so well over the years, and we are so thankful to have a larger platform to give back! It is our hope to be able to bless our neighbors as we have been blessed!

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